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1 Hour GRE Tutoring

1 Hour GRE Tutoring

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We’re pretty busy with Greg Mat+, but we do offer limited tutoring hours with Greg. His current rate is $40 an hour, which is cheaper than most GRE tutors. However, he does have a couple of requests alongside that cheap rate:

  1. Please have a list of questions and/or problems you’ve already attempted and/or completed ready to discuss. Tutoring sessions that are entirely planned by the tutor do not go very well. The tutor might be covering topics you already know or topics that you don’t necessarily need. In addition, when you’ve already attempted the problems, you can readily explain your thought process. This makes it easier to diagnose where you went wrong.

  2. If you’ve already taken the GRE and approximately 15 days have elapsed, please have your diagnostic report (from the ETS website) ready to go. This is a document that outlines your specific performance on the test. In essence, it highlights your strengths and weaknesses.

  3. Please make sure the majority of the questions you’d like to discuss are ETS official GRE questions. It’s okay to sneak in an occasional third-party math problem, but the bulk should be from ETS. For verbal, I ONLY look at ETS questions.

  4. It’s okay to treat the lesson like a therapy session. I’m obviously not a therapist and don’t purport to be, but it’s good sometimes to let our emotions about the test out. It’s cathartic.

  5. You don’t have to show your face or anything like that during the meeting. But a good microphone or quiet setting is appreciated.

Once you book the session, please email greg@gregmat.com so we can set up a time to meet.